Semantum LCA Solutions

For increased awareness of the environmental impact of your production process or service


Semantum LCA solutions

Life cycle assessment (LCA) focuses on predicting the environmental impact associated to the production of a product or a service. Semantum Network LCA and LCA Dashboard solutions enable the utilization of LCA during the process design and also during the actual production.


Semantum Network LCA

Semantum Network LCA is a cloud-based solution for collaborative assessment of the environmental impact of the whole production value chain network. This solution is based on an integrated LCA model covering the entire product value chain. Different stakeholders can confidentially provide input data to the private LCA data set. These data, not visible to others, is then used to calculate LCA key performance indicators (KPIs).

LCA calculations of the whole value chain can be visualized by the entire network. Furthermore, network partners can individually experiment with changes to the models of their own processes and see their effects on the whole value chain.


Semantum LCA Dashboard

Semantum LCA Dashboard is a cloud-based simulation-as-a-service solution for continuous LCA KPIs calculations. Plant operational information and measurement data is retrieved and used to continuously calculate process environmental impact. The underlying LCA model is hosted and executed in the cloud.

LCA Dashboard increases awareness of the process environmental impact and reduces decision making time. Furthermore, it enhances communication with environmental authorities and other stakeholders. It can also be used for system-wide optimization that considers process emissions limits established by environmental authorities while maintaining efficient production.

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