Apros 6

High-fidelity simulation for improved power generation efficiency


High-Fidelity Simulation

Apros® 6 is a high-fidelity dynamic simulation tool for thermal and nuclear power plants. it has been used for process and automation design, for plant engineering, and for creating highly realistic plant-specific operator training simulators.

In Apros®, the process can be simulated together with the simulation model of its control application, enabling a holistic solution for design, integrated testing and operation support of modern power generation plants.


For Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants

The high-fidelity thermal hydraulic solvers of Apros® have been validated based on nuclear industry requirements. Apros® brings the same modeling and simulation quality level to thermal power plants such as Combined Cycle (CCPP), Combined Heating and Power (CHP) and Concenctrated Solar Power (CSP) generation plants.

Apros® includes complete simulation libraries of process components and simple, intuitive and fully graphical user interfaces.

Apros® has been under constant development for over 30 years. It is used in 28 countries with over 800 licenses bought.


Already an Apros® User?

Semantum offers different development services based on Simantics Contraint Language (SCL) as well as Apros® integration with different engineering data sources and automation, control and business intelligence systems.

Let us help you unleashing the potential of Apros® and other modeling and simulation tools in your business. Learn more about our Model Broker .

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