Model Broker

Automatic extraction of information from second hand design material


Leverage on existing plant design material to reduce time and errors on your project

Model Broker is an engineering automation solution that can extract information from existing design material and generate different assets required during the production plant lifecycle. Example of these assets include equipment lists; I/Os lists; control application programs; simulation models; as well as comparison reports of different design material.

Model Broker can be used to

  • Automatically find, analyze and extract information available in engineering material
  • Visualize and analyze diagrams in DEXPI format
  • Digitalize old engineering material into intelligent information models
  • Compare, validate or find inconsistencies between process diagrams and 3D models
  • Automatically create engineering assets such as control application software or process simulation models

A solution for your specific needs

There are different versions of Model Broker focusing on solving your specific needs

MB for Logic Diagrams


For automatic translation of logic diagrams in PDF format into PLC programs or dynamic simulation control models.

Ideal for automatically creating interlocking in PLCopen format or in a proprietary control application software!

MB for P&IDs


For extracting process design information from P&IDs in PDF format. Symbols, connections and text from the P&IDs can be recognized and then translated into CSV, XML or DEXPI files.

Ideal for digitalization of second-hand engineering material!



Model Broker DEXPI viewer can be used to visualize, analyze, and assist debugging of your piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) in DEXPI format.

Ideal for visualizing, navigating and verifying connectivity between components of P&IDs in DEXPI format!

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