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System simulation for marine engineering


MEYER TURKU OY, is one of the leading European shipbuilding companies. Turku Shipyard was founded in 1737.

Modern cruise ship features multiple energy producers and consumers. Therefore, complexity of these systems is a challenge when designing and building them. Moreover, during their operation, ship energy systems must cope with large energy variations. Precise planning and operation of the ship’s energy systems is critical to achieve efficient energy management to reduce costs and environmental impact.

System-wide simulation of ship energy systems

Holistic analysis of the interactions and dynamics between different energy systems in modern cruise ships is critical for system-wide optimization during their design and operation. Dynamic simulation techonology and methods are key for carrying out these analyses.


Dynamic simulation can be used to model and estimate energy consumption according to energy systems configuration, weather forecasts, planned route and expected operation conditions. Furthermore, Simulation-Based optimization methods can be used to increase energy efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

Meyer Turku has applied system level modelling and dynamic simulation with Apros software since 2015. Semantum has collaborated with Meyer since 2018 by supporting Meyer’s modeling experts in tasks such as simulation aided energy system optimization and virtual testing.

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