The Open Software Platform for Modelling and Simulation


Simantics Software Platform

Simantics is a software platform for modelling and simulation. The system has client-server architecture with a semantic ontology-based modelling database and Eclipse framework -based client software with plug-in interface. The Simantics platform and many of its components are open source under Eclipse Public License EPL.


A Holistic Enviroment for Modelling and Simulation Tools Integration

The aproach of the Simantics platform is to offer an open, high level application platform on which different computational tools can be easily integrated to form a common environment for modelling and simulation. The platform includes several modelling tools, so-called editors, for e.g. 2D graph-like hierarchical model composition and semantic graph browsing.


An Innovative Approach

One of the biggest innovations in the Simantics platform is the semantic modelling approach itself and high-level ontology tools. The data triple engine on the server side enables high performance data management and arbitrary mapping of data. This enables e.g. efficient mapping of simulation and measurement data to the model configuration and its visualisation. The Simantics Development and maintenance process is built solid and scalable from the very beginning. The objective is to aim far to the future what comes to requirements for scalability, usability and reliability.

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