Semantum Engineering Automation System

The cloud service for generative engineering services during engineering project life cycle.


A Software Platform for Engineering Automation

Semantum Engineering Automation System is a cloud service for managing creation and use of engineering assets during engineering project life-cycle. Our system provides for engineering assets services for e.g. version control, model transformation, automated simulation-aided testing and reporting.


Integration of Modeling and Simulation Tools with Engineering, Maintenance and Operation Systems

Our Engineering Automation System is an interoperability framework for integration of Modeling and Simulation tools with Engineering data sources, Control and Automation Systems as well as Monitoring and Bussiness Intelligence Systems. Our system offers a range of tools that include model exchange between different modeling and simulation systems, team features, version management and automated testing features.


Simulation Model Brokering and Automatic Model Generation

Semantum Engineering Automation System enables model transformation between different engineering tools. The Semantum Engineering Automation System can also be used to automatically generate simulation models from data aggregation of different sources.

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